Sub Zero Refrigerator Parts and Repair

Sub Zero Refrigerator Parts

Whether you need parts for your refrigerator, freezer or ice maker, they are available on the market and you’ll be able to save money by purchasing the Sub Zero part directly and avoiding the additional cost you’ll be charged by a local repairman.

When you think about the Sub Zero brand and what they represent, you understand that they’re such a premium unit and should not be treated like a regular refrigerator. You understand that the parts are different and a level of precision is required when installing them.

This is why you ABSOLUTELY do not want to run into the situation where someone tries to price substitute parts higher than what should be expected. It will happen, especially for owners of the Sub Zero brand.

Think about it… you wouldn’t take your Mercedes Benz to Sears to get it fixed, you should treat your refrigerator or freezer with the same level of respect and integrity. You need authentic parts and professional service.

Diagnosing the problem

First you need to determine what exactly is causing the problem. Due to the complex nature and build of the Sub-Zero brand this is often difficult to diagnose and should be left to an expert. Your fridge will have a computer chip to alert you when maintenance is required and regularly this will display what needs to be done. In the event that it does not and there’s a malfunction, you should use one of their authorized repair experts.

If there aren’t any repair experts in your area, then you would want to use a more standard service. While they are looking at the fridge or freezer, make sure that you are also consulting with another professional. If both of them say that the issue is similar, then you can be confident that it’s really the problem and all you need to get done.

However, if  they have opposite points of view then you must look at other options like paying for a real expert to come in and look at the unit. In many cases it won’t be that significant, these are high quality items but as you know whenever something expensive breaks down they are a pain to fix.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Parts That Most Commonly Need Replacement

System: These are required for key functionality of the unit and can include the microprocessor that regulates the temperature of the fridge, the engine powering mechanism, ice maker, water distribution and the air cooler unit which restricts mold from occurring.

Repair Difficulty: It is not recommended that you work on these items by yourself and you should seek professional help. If you make a mistake wiring the new system, it can cause a serious malfunction and ruin additional components which will just further increase the cost and time of the repair. Unless you or a friend are an expert with your make and model, then do not do this.

Cosmetics: The cosmetic parts of the sub zero refrigerator are outside of the system and are not entirely required for the unit working. This could include something like a freezer grill falling off or a different piece of the fridge coming loose. This can happen after regular wear and tear, but typically it’s not something that we see with the Sub-Zero brand who’s well renowned for their excellent craftsmanship.

Repair Difficulty: These are to be determined on a case by case basis, but generally they can be handled by the user if one feels technically proficient enough. Small fixes can certainly be addressed and easily repaired with parts from the manufacturer. If you check with your warranty from either the supplier or your local dealer, they may be covered and you might not have to order anything on your own. However if it’s a second hand unit or acquired by other means, you are on your own.

Video on Repairing your Sub Zero Refrigerator

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  1. Scott Siemers says:

    I’m looking for a replacement automotic ice maker for a Sub Zero 700TCI Refrigerator/Freezer.